Wed 29 – Thu 30 Sept 2021


    ICON-ARCCADE 2021 organizes various pre-events by inviting experts in the design field to discuss and share numerous research works align with the conference theme. The pre-events will be delivered through our podcasts and webinars at the link listed below.

    CRM Symposium 2021

    Challenges to Manage Cultural Resources during Crises Tue, 23 Mar 2021

    FSRD TALK: Prof. E. Imam Buchori Z.

    Anticipation of Art and Design in Responding to the Paradigm Shift Towards the Creative Economy Tue, 10 Aug 2021


    Plenary Session

    In this session, four keynote speakers will present their presentations regarding the theme of ICON ARCCADE 2021, “Fostering Creative Economy for Sustainable Development” from different perspectives.

    John Newbigin OBE will review policy making in relation to the development of the creative economy. Professor Callum Morton will share his experiences at Monash Art Projects, which is an interdisciplinary hub for creators of public art that has an impact on society.


    Dr. Martha Zarza will highlight how design can contribute to marginalized communities, especially women in poor areas. Last but not least, Dr. Adhi Nugraha, MA will invite us to discuss how reinvention of tradition can be done in the world of design.

    This lecture will be divided into four sessions on two days of the conference. Each discussion will be guided by one selected moderator. Audiences can present their questions and responses at the end of the lecture session.

    Keynote Speakers

    John Newbigin OBE

    Creative Industries Ambassador for
    the Mayor of London, UK

    Callum Morton

    Professor of Fine Art,
    Monash Art Design and Architecture

    Dr. Martha Zarza

    Professor of Design,
    University of the State of Mexico

    Dr. Adhi Nugraha, MA

    Head of Research Center for Cultural
    and Environmental Products,
    Institut Teknologi Bandung

    Parallel Session

    How to Join

    The parallel session is a session where presenters present scientific papers that have been accepted and will be published in the ICON ARCCADE proceedings. In this session, the presenters can convey and explain their conducted research to other participants and the audience. It is hoped that the authors/researchers can establish connections and share knowledge globally. The parallel session will be held for two days, Wednesday 29 September – Thursday 30 September 2021. Every day, the parallel session will be divided into two sessions, and each session will last 1 – 1.5 hours.

    Parallel sessions will be held virtually at the ICON ARCCADE event, divided into 6 breakout rooms and each breakout room representing each sub-theme in the ICON ARCCADE seminar:

    1. Tradition & History as Cultural Capital
    2. Technology and Environmental Sustainability
    3. Creative Economy & Policy Development
    4. Human-centered Design & Social Interaction
    5. Community for Resilience and Well-Being
    6. Re-contextualizing The Urban Ecosystems



    This session will involve more than 90 presenters from various countries and divided into six subtopics. Each room will be moderated by 1 moderator. In addition to the presenters, the audience can also participate in parallel sessions by listening and asking questions to the presenters in the question and answer session. The presentation will have to be in a pre-recorded video with a duration of 10 minutes and the presentation video will be shown in parallel sessions, followed by a live question and answer session for about 30 minutes.

    Postgraduate Workshop

    How to Join

    We invite masters and doctoral students to attend a workshop session with two senior researchers from the UK and Australia. This workshop will contain various research experiences possessed by professional researchers in various research institutions, as well as efforts to increase networks between researchers at national and international levels.



    Workshop participants will also have the opportunity to share and discuss their ongoing research. This workshop is open to 10 doctoral students. If you are interested in joining this workshop, please fill out the form below:
    ICON ARCCADE 2021 Postgraduate Workshop Registration Form


    Registration TypeLocal ParticipantInternational Participant
    Early Bird Professionals



    Early Bird Students













    Curated by Danuh Tyas Pradipta, this online exhibition features 10 titles of activities from various research or community services carried out by lecturers from the Faculty of Art and Design ITB (FSRD-ITB), both individually and in teams. As a pilot program within the ICON-ARCCADE 2021, this exhibition aims to introduce to the public the diversity of research conducted by lecturers from FSRD-ITB

    It focuses on the idea of ​​research and community service carried out with a multidisciplinary approach. The curatorial ideas in this exhibition will depart from the 3 focuses of the FSRD-ITB in research, development, service, and innovation; which include:

    • Art, Craft, & Design Innovation
    • Preservation, Conservation, & Cultural Studies
    • Digital Experience & Learning

    How to Enter

    Please click the yellow button.


    Open for Public29 September 2021

    Important Dates

    Call for Abstract

    8 March 2021

    Selected Abstract Announcement

    4 June 2021

    Full Paper Submission

    5 June - 23 July 2021

    Registration: Early Bird

    13 August - 24 August 2021

    Accepted Full Paper Announcement

    17 August 2021

    Full Paper Revision Deadline

    17 September 2021

    Registration: General Admission

    25 August - 27 September 2021


    29 September - 30 September 2021