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Transmaterial is a multifaceted concept mainly implemented in art, craft, design, and architecture describing the experimentation and creative process to develop innovative materials and techniques. Transmaterial by its nature emphasizes the value of sustainability by challenging the artists or designers during the process and promoting the use of environmentally-friendly materials that can be constantly recycled or biodegraded, as mentioned by William McDonough and Michael Braungart (2002). As a cue to redefine the physical environment, Blaine Brownell (2006) categorizes more than two hundred most intriguing new materials mainly applied in architecture and design fields. Almost two decades later, it is expected that new and innovative materials have emerged, which also generate this sub-theme to ensue.

Transitional tools play an essential role in the creative process of art, craft, and design, enabling artists and designers to experiment, iterate, and refine ideas before arriving at a final result. The latest trend of using artificial intelligence has followed digital assisting and 3D printing to become increasingly popular tools these days. Nevertheless, this theme aims to seek the ideas of how humans subdue the tools, rather than be restrained by them.

This sub-theme will encompass a broad range of topics, including the following questions:

  • What is the aesthetic impact of material innovations on arts and design?
  • How can the concept of environmentally conscious art and design practice contribute to sustainable development?
  • What is the role of transitional tools in art and design practice? 
  • How do transitional tools support the development of human and environmental-friendly products and services?
  • Why are digital tools able to contribute to breakthroughs in art and design?
  • How has the post-medium approach challenged traditional definitions and boundaries of art forms and media?

Scope: material innovations, human-friendly art and design, environmentally friendly art and design, post-medium approach in art, innovative tools in art and design


Sub-theme 5
Dr. Tyar Ratuannisa, M.Ds.Dr. Andryanto Rikrik Kusmara S.Sn.,M.Sn.
Dr. Kahfiati Kahdar, MA.
Deny Willy Junaidy, MT, Ph.D.