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Object as an Agency

The concept of the Object as an Agency is driven from “Speculative Non-human Theories”, a philosophical approach that emerged from Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO) (was first articulated by Graham Harman in his book “Tool Being” in 1998), and Actor-Network Theory (ANT) (was developed in the 1980s by Bruno Latour but gained attention in the 1990’s through his book “We Have Never Been Modern”, 1991), which aims to provide an alternative perspective to traditional philosophy in response to the Anthropocene, a geological era marked by significant human impact on the earth’s ecosystems.

This approach emphasizes the agency and vitality of non-human entities, such as objects and technology, which have frequently been ignored or relegated to a passive role in traditional philosophy. Non-human entities possess their own form of agency and can influence human behavior. From these standpoints, we would like to propose some questions for your consideration. 

  1. How can non-human entities influence human behavior, and what is the importance of understanding this from Art, Craft, and Design practices?
  2. What are the moral implications of treating non-human entities?
  3. What (or maybe how?) is the cultural perspective on the relationship between humans and non-human entities?
  4. How can non-human entities shape cultural values and practices in Art, Craft, and Design?

Scope: Art and Design Practice, Philosophy of Art and Design (not limited to OOO and ANT), Ethnography, AI, STS (socio-technical theory)


Sub-theme 4
Object as an agency
Dr. Kiki Rizky Soetisna Putri, M.Sn.Dr. Chaitanya Sambrani
Dr. Nurdian Ichsan S.Sn., M.Sn.
Achmad Syarief, MSD, Ph.D.